Designed for private practice law firms

There is an increased expectation for legal teams to be business leaders and not just legal advisors. But the day-to-day workload still exists.

Summize can help private practices streamline their processes and reduce time lost on contract reviews.

The Market

A lawyer and her client shaking hands

Law firms are becoming increasingly more cost-conscious in the competitive marketplace, with many focusing on automation to deal with changing client expectations and delivery models.

Law firms require hundreds or thousands of contracts to be reviewed manually. Often a task completed by paralegals or junior lawyers, it can be lengthy, costly and result in errors.

Screen capture of the table view functionality in the Summize platform, displaying property contracts and their information

Key Features

Summize intelligently reads your contracts and pulls out key points in an easy-to-read summary. It also identifies related paragraphs, preventing obscure clauses from being missed.

Digitally store and navigate through large numbers of contracts
Facilitate knowledge share
Create bespoke clauses with the 'clause builder'
Keep track of important contract dates with the Contract Calendar