Screen capture of the table view functionality in the Summize platform, displaying property contracts and their information

Upload any contract

Summize is designed to speed up contract reviews, saving legal teams time and money by batch reviewing multiple contracts quickly and efficiently.

  • Low-cost, lightweight, and easy-to-use
  • Speeds up workflow
  • Facilitates knowledge share

Summize analyses the data

Summize intelligently reads and analyses uploaded contracts, pulling out key points from clauses and displaying them in an easy-to-read summary.

  • Powerful editing tools let users customise summaries
  • Export content as an advice note or internal memo
  • Any related paragraphs are highlighted so obscure clauses aren't missed
Screen capture of an example contract summary, created with Summize

Easily compare summaries

The Summize table view enables users to manage key contract terms in one location, across multiple document types. Using the clause builder, users can create bespoke clauses that instantly update all your contracts.

  • Customise the table display
  • Flag clauses for future review
  • Powerful search tool: find a document quickly

Integrates into workflows

Summize automates the production of advice notes with a customisable export option, helping to speed up workflows.
Summize automates the production of your advice notes and has a useful export option, speeding up your workflow.

Contract Calendar

Keep track of important contract dates using our Contract Calendar with built-in notifications.